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I’m gonna take you up on your challenge and let you know about something I’m trying to accomplish…

Starting August 18th, after a 12-year break, I’ll be returning to school to finish my bachelors in marketing. For years, I had aspirations of working within arts…

The Meeting of Courts of Bounce and Vogue rehearsal - Shot in New Orleans during the city’s annual jazz festival. This video is near and dear to me because of my love for street and gay cultures. Most know of vogue dancing and have probably heard the popular bounce track "Express Yourself" in a couple of TV commercials. Watch as two different regional cultures connect through rhythm and movement for the first time.

1MSQFT = One Million Square Feet - A series of spaces, guest curated by a range of cultural experts. A survey of culture one square foot at a time. All brought to you by Microsoft.

Tyson Beckford and Transgender Model Ines Rau Get Naked in Explicit Photo Shoot for ‘OOB’ [NSFW Photos]

Wow. I’m not mad this at all. But I’m sure there are plenty who are.

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seriously just be nice to people
i dont care if you dont like what theyre wearing
or what their faces look like
or what their ambitions are
or who they love
or what they listen to
just be nice to people

I’m pretty good about abiding by this cuz this normally is the case.

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There are some places you don’t have to set foot in to know are beautiful.

Nestled in New Orleans’ French Quarter, this concept boutique stocked with unique and colourful goods, and a charming interior that looks tactfully unfinished, is the brain child of designer sisters Lizzy and Darlene Okpo and fellow creative Armina Mussa.

Exodus Goods
518 Conti Street
New Orleans, LA 70130 

I just want their shoes.

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at a recent beard house dinner, momofuku beverage director jordan salcito did the unthinkable: she served some very good boxed wine.  

"the pairing, a 2012 fuoristrada grillo, wasn’t poured from a bottle, but from a slim, rectangular carton that was not unlike a cafeteria juice box."

the recyclable 
tetra pak containers create 60 percent less solid waste than a 750 ml bottle and cost less due to savings on transport and packaging costs.

fuoristrada wines are available in NYC and throughout the U.S. for more information, check out their website.

big thanks to maggie borden + the james beard foundation for the image and the article.



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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Family Meal.

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